Piping Flexibility Analysis

– In our piping and lines analysis we use the FEM (Finite Element Method) to our analysis, we also consider in our studies the fluid inside the lines in each fluid universe, single phase, biphasic, Newtonian or Bingham fluid.

– We also insert the mechanical stress analysis, temperature, wind, seismic energies, corrosion through friction or chemical attack and etc..

– In the operational analysis we develop the resonance design check, high speed fluids influence, recirculation, water hammer conditions, pumps graphics correction considering the system graphics, flow rate correction considering the viscosity and fluid pressure.

– We also can present the RISAFLEX solution to mitigate cavitation in pumps without mechanical physical intervention in the NPSHd and / or pump.

– Format analysis to mitigate noises and vibrations in the section, suggesting changes to hydraulic performance improvement.