Services Offered

Sea Waves Energies Analysis in Ships and Offshore Structures

The naval market nowadays are one of the most important study areas in our portfolio.
Analysis Conditions:

1) FEM (Finite Element Softwares) use to modeling the structures and systems.

2) Wave characteristics data use (height, length, depth)

3) Ocean Currents – There are warm and cold ocean tides (for example: Gulf Tide, Brazilian Tide, Humbolt Tide and etc.), as those tides there are a mass displacement, we have a great energy available to energy production for example, but for off-shore platforms and ships, we have high intensity forces that should be designed and considered to structural analysis in those structures.

The Trujillo and Thurman studies shows that we have the kinetic energy from wind transmitted directly over the ocean surface causing the waves, also we have the tides interference, planet rotation, tectonic plates influence and etc..

In the ocean tides considering the restricts areas in ocean we can reach a tide speed about 46Km/h.

We also can provide the equipment blast loads design, in vessels the exhaust gas piping system design, onboard equipments vibration damping as electric equipments, engines and generators.